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Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Category - Digital Marketing

Post On 12 April 2019 - 368 Visitors


Digital marketing plays a dominating role in reshaping the business dynamics. However, the role of traditional & offline marketing cannot be undermined. A planned marketing strategy supplemented by an effective ad campaign can bring the desired result for the business. It can create awareness about the products & the services of any business, which will lead to a hike in demand as well. But, business dynamics has transformed a lot after the advent of digital marketing. If you want to access the global market, then it is necessary to use the online platform with an effective marketing strategy. When you are adopting online marketing strategy, then it is necessary to shift your focus towards digital marketing. This era is considered as the era of the digital revolution. Digital revolution has also influenced the art of marketing. It has introduced latest technologies which have transformed marketing in a big way.

For example, you can consider the scenario of online shopping. Nowadays, people do use android phones for shopping. In addition, the usage of digital assistants has increased. As a result, voice search has become an important tool. Devices like android phones & smartphones have played a major role in boosting the voice search as well. So, you can observe the blending between the digital revolution & marketing.

There is a constant flow of digital marketing trends which are changing in a rapid manner. You can also consider the case of a digital landscape which is also known as cyberspace. There is a rapid growth of cyberspace since 1990. Nowadays, it is considered as the most essential element for business growth. It has also transformed the process of communication as well. The process of communication has become a lot faster and effective. In addition, cyberspace has also created a virtual environment for the netizens. The evolution of social media has also accelerated the process of the digital revolution. It has eased the process of content creation & posting in digital media. Now, let us discuss the latest digital marketing trends of 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

As per the report of salesforce, it can be suggested that the use of artificial intelligence will grow by more than 50% among digital marketing in the upcoming two years. Artificial intelligence can be effectively used in promoting ad campaigns. An effective ad campaign can attract more customers which will increase the revenue of any business. Artificial intelligence can understand contextual data. But it will be empowered to understand the images as well. So, if you want to optimize ad images or creative images in a perfect manner, then you can use artificial intelligence for the optimization job. Artificial intelligence will be able to optimize any image. It is also estimated that artificial intelligence will be used for intent advertising as well. For intent advertising, a specific platform will be created with the help of artificial intelligence. This platform will be having features like automatic messenger and image. Moreover, it will be designed as per the business need.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a new digital trend in 2019. International brands have decided to allocate a higher budget to influencer marketing. This marketing strategy provided effective results for the advertisers during the last year. If you want to maximize your reach to potential customers, then influencer marketing strategy can provide an effective result. It is a cost-effective strategy. Moreover, it can be implemented within a short span of time. In 2018, E-sports tapped the entire market with the help of Twitch. Twitch is an online video platform. It provides live streaming videos. Twitch is one of the tools of influencer marketing.

Video Ads

The usage of Android phones & smartphones has increased the visibility of video ads. A video advertisement is considered as the most effective tool of advertising. The leading brands are willing to spend $20 billion on video ads for mobile in 2019, whereas, the budget on video ads for mobile was only $2 billion in 2015. From the comparison, you can understand the growing importance of video ads. In 2018, the ad impression for video ads on Instagram was 65%. The percentage has increased in 2019 and likely to increase in the future as well. So, every digital marketer will adopt video advertisement as a part of marketing strategy. A digital marketer may use YouTube and Instagram for promoting video ad.

Voice Search

One of the emerging digital trends in 2019 is voice search. It is estimated that, by 2020, the volume of voice search will rise to 50%. Moreover, the commercial sales volume for voice search will amount to $40 billion by 2022. In fact, consumers will prefer voice search over manual search in the future and an effective marketing strategy should be prepared to engage the consumers.

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